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Q: How can I sendmy design? What kind of files do you prefer?

A: You can upload it before payment when you order online, or just send it by email with your order number. 

  We prefer file in Gerber format, also BRD(eagle) and protel files are accepted.

Q: How can I reorder my board?

A: Log in-> My account->Order History->All your orders will be displayed->Select the reorder board and click “Reorder”->New order will generate automatically without setup cost.

Or you can search upon your "Board Name", it is much quicker than you find it one by one.

Q: How can I know my order status?

A: Normally we update the order status in 2 days and send you an email about the schedule meanwhile.Therefore, you are able to find your order status in your account or via email directly.

Q: Will you test my boards?

A: Yes, we do testing for all prototype orders as free. But testing cost is required if order is larger than 3㎡.

Q: How can I do if I received my order unsatisfied?

A: If there is some problemson your PCBs,please do take a photo and send it to You canask a redo or refund for your order.

We will discuss with each department to see how the problem happened and fix it in future.

Q: If I had several items toorder, can I put them together in one online order?

A: Yes. It is a good way to put several items in one order to save the shipping cost.



BHT is an international express in China. Itsservice and delivery time is similar to that of DHL, but it is much cheaper in REAL-PCB.Also you can track your package on easily. You will love BHT once you try it.

BHT- Beijing branch, Shanghai branch, Qingdao branch, Shenzhen branchand Guangzhou branch are first-class international express agent companiesapproved by state ministries. They have official approved supervision warehouseand customs and inspection declaration qualification of express business. BHTis recognized and approved by state post headquarter.

BHT international express business includes: inbound & outbound expresscustoms declaration, quarantine inspection application, int’l transportation,airport consignment, sorting, fetch, delivery, other place transfer, deliveryof personal belongings, international account settlement. 

BHT int’l express outbound business is dealt directly with foreign destinationfrom Beijing gateway, Shanghai gateway, Guangzhou gateway and Hong Konggateway.

BHT int’l express inbound cargo after customs clearance is delivered ortransferred at Beijing gateway, Shanghai gateway, Guangzhou gateway andShenzhen gateway.


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