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Material: FR4 High TG 170
Layer: 1 2 4 6
Board Name: *
Quantity : * PCS
Board Size: * width mm ~ length mm (1 inch=25.4mm)
Thickness: mm
Surface Finish:
Copper Weight: (35um=1oz)
Layout Specifications:
Min. Annular ring:
>=0.3mm(12mil)   0.1mm(4mil)
Min.Tracing/ Spacing:
>=0.2mm(8mil)   0.15mm(6mil)  0.1mm(4mil)
Smallest Hole:
>= 0.25mm(10mil)   0.2mm(8mil)
Soldermask: *
Peelable Soldermask: YES  NO
Soldermask Color: Matt:
Silkscreen Print: *
Silkscreen Print Color:
Gold Fingers: YES  NO
Inner Cutouts: YES  NO
UL Marking: YES  NO
Date Code: YES  NO
Production Time:
Currency: USD 
Special Rquirements: eg: layer stackup、laser cut drills. ect.

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