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Thanks for your visiting our website! You can follow the instructions below for your first order. It is very easy and convenient, justlike shopping in the supermarket!


Step 1. Register on ourwebsite with your daily email address

Step 2. Log in and click “Quote”on the first page of

Step 3. Follow each specification for the quotation

Step 4. Follow the instructions for the payment、shipping and production file



*If you have several boards to order at a same time, just add all boards to your PCB cart and check out together to save the unnecessary shipping cost. We will ship all boards together.

*But if one of your boards can not meet our standard time, please order it separately and email us the time you need to meet.


Important Notice:

◎  If you forgot to upload your file online, you can send it to afterwards.

◎  If you cannot connect the payment link, please send an email to to tell us the problem and we will send you a link to complete the payment.

◎ If you have several items to order at the same time,you can quote a first item and click “add more to cart”. Check out for all theitems and this can avoid unnecessary extra shipping cost.

◎ For re-orders: Log in-> My account->OrderHistory->All your orders will be displayed->Select the reorder board and click“Reorder”->New order will generate automatically without setup fee.

Or you can search upon your "Board Name", it is much quicker than you find it one by one.


Clients will receive notice automatically after order submission.


Any other questions, please contact at


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