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In order to comply with the multifunctional, miniaturized, lightweight trends, the requirements of the next generation of electronic systems on the PCB is: high density, highly integrated package of miniaturization, multi-layer electronic products. Also the production time could me much shorter to meet the large demands, that is: low cost PCB with express service (rush service) or short production time. PCB HDI boards, flexible board, IC packaging board (BGA, CSP) varieties will become a major growth point.

China's PCB production value in 2003 and 2005 were 50.1 billion RMB, 66.1 billion RMB and 86.9 billion RMB, annual output grew 33%, 32%, 31%. Since 2000, output value of prototype PCB keeps a high-speed growth of 61.77% it, which is much higher than the global PCB growth. It is expected to remain the high growth rate. With the rapid growth of the multilayer PCB, HDI board, flexible board, the PCB industry structure in China is gradually optimization and improvement. It is now more than thousands China PCB manufacture located in south China, more and more Chinese will join PCB fabrication as their occupation career.

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