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We are a prototype PCB supplier in China.


I am so glad to tell all of our customersand potential customers that, we did a multiple PCB of 24 layers multiple PCB. Actually speaking, this is our first timeto produce such a PCB.


What we always do islower than 12 layers, that is: singleside PCB, double sides PCB, 4 layers PCB, 6 layers PCB , 10 layers PCBand 12 layers PCB. This time, wejust try to accept this order for our old client, and I am proud to say it issuccessful!


In real-pcb, wealways provide the best service that we can, for example:

-free file checking

-free panelization

-free tooling costfor reorder

-PCB fast delivery

-PCB 100% testing


Whenwe got a PCB order, our technicianwill check the file carefully for any possible questions. When the orderdelivery time confirmed or order shipped, you will always receive an email forthe update details. 

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