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With the increasingof automotive electronics, printedcircuit board (PCB)、 prototype PCB/small PCB plant has been treated as agood land with high development and wide layout, the world's leading XingxingElectronic planning to open new compaines in mainland China, includingShandong, Kunshan, etc.
The PCB plant Xingxing Electronic bothtraditional PCB, high density connector HDIboard, integrated circuit (IC) substrate,a flexible printed circuit board (FPC)in recent years in the application areas gradually turned to for automotive electronics PCB , in August lastyear, Shandong relative equity and land planning direction becomes clearer now,the goal is to automotive PCB.

The PCB plant Xingxing Electronic, Shandong plant is currently only facilities,the fastest this year in the construction of China PCB factory buildings become the production base in Kunshan, JiangsuProvince in mainland of China automotive electronics PCB.

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