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Apple iphones are deep in the heart ofeveryone in all over the world, the most time is in 2012. Which makes the PCBexport in China increased much in last year, all the suppliers here released express PCB, PCB rush service, butstill cannot meet the marketing demands.

However,the foreign circles rumored Apple iPhone 5 shipmentsin the first quarter of next year,substantially lower non-Apple supply chain to speakto the status of an order, and offenders will besubject to large fines, andsupply chain industry caught did not dare to come forward to expressan opinion.

Owners said, Taiwan and the mainlandduring the ChineseNew Year in February 2013,will put the holiday up to nine days, ifyou want to staff in the Chinese New Yearholiday to go to work, you have topay 2 to 3 times salary,if the production base in mainland China,the Spring Festival after a certain occurs theproblem of lackof work, so do not want employees to workin the ChineseNew Year holiday, or want to avoidthe labor shortage after the Spring Festival, component suppliers,you can choose the first pulled the stockin the 4thquarter.

Industry revealed that the PCB production for the iPhone 5,the ChinaPCB factory decided to let the employees to keep working during the holiday,and willing to pay three times during theChinese New Year holidays. Next year, this seasonshipments of PCB board to maintain theoriginal plan, do not over-shipments phenomenon, in the first quarter of next year orders simply because lessthan 1 percent decreasein the number ofworking days.

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